Saturday, January 23, 2010

That's a good look for you.

Women dress for women. Those same women, who become Mommies, dress their kids for other Mommies. I assure you, the babies don't care..because they are babies, duh! In a Mommy mind, Aiden or Kaeden or Jaden or Payden have to be a tad more cute and sassy than the other kids. Nothing wrong with wanting to have your kids look great. And the Dads? If Dads dressed the little ones, they'd be wearing funny t-shirts, all the time. Dads dress their kids for other Dads ...and humor gets attention. I wish we had a baby just so I could dress him or her "cool". Unfortunately, the wife wouldn't let the kid out of the house in some of my "cooler" shirts. Probably a good thing.

Here's my top 13 "cool" baby shirts likely to be banned by my wife:

13. Daddy says I have a Drinking Problem.
12. I Poo'd (looks like the Ipod logo)
11. I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me
10. Future Trophy Wife
9. Kickin Ass and Taking Naps
8. I Shizzled in my Dizzle
7. Recently Evicted
6. My Other Car Seat is in a Mercedes
5. Made from Recycled Genetic Materials
4. Rock Out with Your Blocks Out
3. Tax Deduction
2. I Still Live with My Parents
1. Sorry Angelina. I'm Taken.

Funny, yes? Kinda, sorta? Maybe? Funny on other babies, but not yours? I guess that will have to do.

Until next time, buh bye.

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  1. That, my friend, is friggin' hysterical. I'm making a few of those t-shirts for my kids even though they're old enough to tell me "no"...I'm still the parent after all. And if they wanna eat they'll do as they're told! ;-)