Thursday, January 14, 2010

You're selling WHAT?

So I ventured into the baby/kid section of the local craigslist site, to see if I could grab some Vtech/Leapster games on the cheap. I found the unexpected - a new topic for the blog. Thank you, craigslist! I had no idea I would strike gold.

Sandwiched between the normal items like cribs, car seats, and toys were some real steals. For 10 bucks, I can get a baby wipe case. Lovely. I need a variety of baby wipe cases to match my handbags and shoes. Somebody must be making money off of these because there were about 20 posts for different baby wipe cases.

Check out this special offer! For 5 dollars, you can get leftover baby shower balloons...4 of them. Doesn't it seem like a lot of effort to take a picture, post the item, and meet a buyer for a whopping 5 dollars (assuming the purchaser pays full price)?

Then, the fun really began. I found a great deal on "lightly worn boys underwear, size 5T". ANY worn is more worn than I want with an undie purchase. Another person was selling 7 diapers and a couple packs of training pants for $8. I think I can get them down to $6 with some haggling. Did they just grab random items to create a package deal..who sells 7 diapers? Maybe, I'll try to sell a few bibs, a pair of baby shoes, and a can of peas....all for a low, low price. I think the peas will help move the product.

Another fantastic item wasn't really that nutty, until I read the last part of the post: baby formula $90 13 cans of good start formula (drum roll please) 14th can is open but you can have it for free! Do I even need to comment?

Email me if you're in the hunt for a baby mattress...that was "barely soiled on one side, still in great condition!" Why buy new when you can pick up a diamond like that at a bargain price, even if the diamond has a tiny poop stain?

Until next time, buh bye.


  1. Maybe baby wipe cases have other uses ... hmmmm ...

  2. OMW. I send the funniest Craigslist postings to my friend. Recently while shopping for kids bedroom furniture I discovered I could buy a used stripper pole from one ad and a used sex swing from another. Kind of fits with the undies philosphy -- no part of used sounds appealing or safe. Not to mention that my son would mistake our room for a ... See Moreplayground and any mommy/daddy time would be spoiled the first time we found a pile of Hot Wheels cars and a rubber frog in the swing. A few days later, I found an ad for a life sized pirate statue -- an interesting addition to a bedroom in the Tampa area. Aaaargh, honey, is it the pole or the swing tonight? All I really wanted is a captains bed for my kid -- not a captain.