Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my best friend

Kids make best friends quickly. How quickly? My son played with a boy during lunch at Chick-Fil-A for approximately 14 minutes. Later that afternoon, he told my wife about playing with his "best friend" at lunch. I'm thinking that his old "best friend" must be pissed...he ditched the old BF for a new BF after 840 seconds.

We hear about the best friends often. "I was playing at school with my best friend", "My best friend told a joke and it was soooo funny", "I was at the mall with Mommy and I saw my best friend", etc. The odd thing - rarely does this best friend have a name. My little man has been playing with one kid (aka Best Friend) at after-school for 2 weeks...so on the drive home, I asked how Tanner was doing. I wasn't shocked when Ian asked "who is Tanner?" "Uhhhh, the kid you were just playing with", I replied. Ian shot back "Ohhh, that's his name. He's my best friend."

Over the years, my children have had many no-name best friends. There is "the red haired boy", "the girl with the yo-yo", "the girl missing her tooth", & Ian's latest "the boy with the polka dots" (translation: freckles). I know I'm guilty of not remembering names, although I swear I do know the names of at least 40% of my best friends (the others are simply known as "dude", "man", or "bud").

Warning, All Future Best Friends of Ian! Do not purchase those matching BFF 5T shirts for you & Ian...because BFF in 5 year old terms is Best Friends For-now. Or is it Best Friends Frequently? Or Briefly Friends For-sure?

Until next time. buh bye.

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