Friday, February 26, 2010

Parents Say the Strangest Things

Someone sent me a link to a NY Times article called "Parents Say the Darndest Things". Hmmmmmm, where have you heard something like that? Pick me... pick me...I know the answer!

A lady named Lisa Belkin writes for the Times, and had the same thought I did: we parent types say some nutty stuff...things we never fathomed saying in a zillion years.

Lots of people commented on the article and threw out some great Parents Say lines. Hey, gratis content! Here are a few that I snickered, chuckled, giggled, and/or snorted at.

1. No chewing the Loofah!
2. The kitty doesn't want to be sparkly.
3. Touch with your eyes, not your fingers.
4. Poopie is just for looking at.
5. Seriously...enough flossing already!!
6. We don't play the fishing game in the toilet.
7. You are sooooo immature. (to a 3 year old)
8. You can't have your cake until you finish your ice cream and candy.
9. Please get your brother out of the dishwasher.
10. I know you need it for your boo boo, but this is not a band aid. It's Mommy's nicotine patch.

Okay, number 10 came from my brain but how funny would that line be? Feel free to use it at no cost.

If you have a great Parents Say line, email or stalk me on - I'd love to hear something funny from your world. I'm doing the majority of the work get hopping, people!

until next time. buh bye.


  1. hey is riley and i thought that #10was hilarious.u should do something about ian and the name spiky and super baby! love ya!

  2. Thanks sweetheart! He seems pretty stuck on naming something Spiky...maybe he'll name something else Spiky before December, when Peanut rolls into town.

    Love you Love you. You have a great sense of humor...wonder where that came from! Grandpa Gary always told me I had my Mom's sense of humor, that's why she didn't have one. LOL

  3. that's really funny! i can imagine grandpa gary saying that!