Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi, My Name is....

Earlier this week, I picked Ian up from afterschool. On the way out, the teacher said "hey peanut, have a good night!". I didn't think anything of it until she said the same thing today: "hey peanut, have a good night!". Only, this time, Ian muttered to himself "I like my new name, Peanut". Uh...what?

Ian does like a good nickname. For a while, he liked a cat named Bootsie, so he decided he wanted to be called "Bootsie". I thought it was kinda funny. I had no problem calling him "Bootsie", but his Mom was not a fan. To quote: "I will not let him grow up and be known as "Bootsie". Nobody wants to be defended by a guy named "Bootsie". Who would go to Dr. Bootsie Schmidt? Last time I checked, there are not a lot of "Bootsies" graduating from Harvard. "Bootsie" may play a kick butt bass line, but I can't see myself ever saying "That's my son, Congressman Bootsie Schmidt"." My wife had a point.

I guess Ian's teacher referred to him as "peanut" when he started at his new school. She probably didn't remember his name and so she just tossed out something like "hey peanut, can you have a seat?" And so, "Peanut" Schmidt was born. He loved it and told the teachers that he wanted to be called "Peanut" as often as possible. They obliged.

Since nobody would choose to be defended by "Peanut" Schmidt, I suspect Mom is going to shut down this new nickname wicked fast. I do think that "Peanut" Schmidt would make a bitchin name for a professional bowler. What about the Artist formerly known as "Peanut"?

Until next time, buh bye.

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