Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who am I?

Parker Jameson is his name but it doesn't get used a lot. The poor kid will probably have an identity issue unless something changes, because he is called 15 or 20 different things. If he wore one of those "Hi My Name Is...." tags, he'd need a billboard sized sticker to fit all of his alter egos.

Here's a short (well, kinda short) list:
Parker J (at least that one includes is first name)
Little P
Chunky Stuff
Chunky Butt
Littlest Man
Short Stuff
Drooly Pants
Captain Drools A Lot
Chunky Monkey
Roly Poly
Cute boy
Little buddy

He is getting to the age where he should recognize his name. Either he will respond to just about any name thrown at him or will be baffled until everyone starts using his given name. I have a vision that the teacher in kindergarten will be doing roll call and when they get to him, there is silence because he thinks his name is Bugaboo or Chubbsie. I'm sure he will outgrow the nicknames...I hope...because Doctor or President Little P Schmidt sounds wrong.

Until next time, buh bye.

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