Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It happened on the way to 2010

I took a break from writing over the holidays. My pea brain could not handle crafting another amazing blog AND doing all the holiday junk...while trying to keep my knuckleheads entertained during the school break. And by amazing blog, I mean "it amazes me that anyone reads this blog".

All in all, it was a good holiday. It got stressful at points, but overall, I'd give it 4 bananas out of 5. A multi-million dollar lottery win would have taken it to a 5. I thought I had won big cash but Holly informed me that getting 2 numbers out of 5 correct does not give us 2/5ths of the money. What a rip-off!

I jotted down some notes during the break and here's a few of the more interesting things that were said.

1. Santa likes it better when you use a napkin.
2. Ian, I think you opened the wrong box...unless you asked Santa for an 8 in 1 baby accessory kit.
3. Your zhu zhu pet is freaking out the dog. 5 to 1 odds he tries to eat it.
4. Zhu zhu pets do not poop. I think that's chocolate.
5. I know you want to play hockey but I've never seen a hockey player use a walker on the ice. It makes it hard to hold the stick.
6. Why is there an open Slim Jim in that stocking? Was Desi the squirrel storing it for winter?
7. Santa must have been working out - that present is super heavy.
8. Jingle bells is a great song, but do I really need to hear you sing it on January 3rd, for the 8th time today? Man, I'd kill to hear the Bonanza theme instead.
9. Let's keep the accordion here, and take the drum machine to your Mom's house. I think that's fair.
10. How long would it take to cook ribs in this Easy Bake oven?

More to come in 2010. Happy New Year and Happy New Decade.
Until next time, buh bye.

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