Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pregnant Obama

I guess the secret is out: we're pregnant. Everyone...say hello to #4. #4, meet everyone.

Holly and I told the kids last Friday. You're never sure how kids will react but Desi was excited (almost as excited as when she got her Sillybands) & Ian was long as it is a boy. Riley loves a baby, so we weren't too worried about her, and she's psyched.

The kids have been sharing the news with their friends. Ian's teacher let us know that he was talking about it...and shared this story:

Ian asked his teacher, Miss Cindy, about babies. He wanted to know what it was called when you have a baby in your belly. Miss Cindy said it was called "being pregnant". She wanted to know if his Mommy had a baby in her belly and he replied "Yes!" She told him that he could share the news with his class. Ian loves being the center of attention, so needless to say, he was down with the idea. So, Miss Cindy tells the class "Class. Ian has some wonderful news that he would like to share."

He had to milk the moment so his set-up when something like this:
"I have some very exciting news that you all will like. I think it will be cool and my dad says things will be different in our house. We have a lot of work to do to get ready. My sisters are ready for it and I can't wait to tell you the good news. We had ice cream when mommy and daddy told us. It was chocolate and strawberry. I could not eat it all but it was good." At that point, Miss Cindy suggested that he cut to the chase.

Ian then told the class that he was excited because his Mommy was president.

Until next time, buh bye.

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  1. LOL! HOLLY FOR PRESIDENT! Congrats to you and Holly , Rick! That is awesome news!