Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Random Random

Life makes me giggle and I'm probably not alone. I think everyone has moments where they stop and say "dang, that is hilarious" (after you finish laughing, snorting, or chuckling). I'm from the south, so maybe you don't use "dang", but you get the gist.

Here are a few slices of life that amused me:

1- Ian and I were listening to Radio Disney on the drive to school. One of his favorite songs from the Black Eyed Peas came on and I said "hey Ian, it's one of your jams". He replied with "Not anymore, Daddy. Beiber is my dude now". I assume he's talking about Justin Beiber, not Kurtis Beiber, who specializes in Evolution Technology.

2- Because of the pollen, we've had a lot of sneezing and sniffles in our house. The kids were trying to trouble shoot their allergies and were not sold on pollen as the cause. Ian began sneezing a few days ago, when he was looking out the window, and saw Petey the squirrel (every squirrel we see around our house is named Petey) he's convinced that he's allergic to squirrels. Yesterday, he was playing in his room and after he sneezed, he muttered to himself "Petey, you need to go away!"

Desi sneezed the other day while she was eating a cupcake. Jokingly, I suggested that maybe she was allergic to cupcakes. She didn't say a word and instead, looked out the window (hoping for a squirrel to blame). After a few minutes, she said "Daddy, I didn't sneeze anymore. I don't think I'm allergic to this cupcake or any snacks. I thought you should know."

3- Riley is 11 and despite not having her own phone, she quite possibly could anchor the US Texting relay team at the Texting Olympics. She's performed at a championship level on a regular cell phone, blackberry, droid, iPhone...she's very versatile. Some of her texts are really funny. She's normally a good speller but a few months ago, she sent one with a bunch of spelling errors. I texted her back and said something like "someone is not the queen of the spelling bee today". She replied "I had a thumb cramp."

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Until next time, buh bye.

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