Monday, June 28, 2010

Imagination...Gotta Love It! - by Riley Schmidt

Ahh...the sweet smell of imagination. Wait, does imagination even have a smell? Well anyway, your imagination can go even further with the power of……Silly Bandz! Get 24 Silly Bandz for the low, low price of $5.00!

Well folks if you haven’t heard of Silly Bandz yet, because you live on some deserted island or are trapped in the Amazon, then this is what you’re missing out on: small, colorful rubber bands, artfully crafted into beautiful, magical shapes. Normal kids usually wear these shapes on their arms, but if you want to get creative you can wear them on any part of your body! Sounds useless, right...well they are, but kids everywhere are going crazy about trading, playing with, and breaking these colorful pieces of rubber!

Like I said the use of imagination is endless. See my siblings like to take the Silly Bandz shape to a whole new making your own shape of course! One day I was sitting in the front seat of the car while Ian and Des were in the back. I was listening to their conversation and heard “ Look Desi, I made a trophy!” “Ian, that’s a sea horse.” “Oh yeah……..right.” See……you can make your kid have a huge amount of imagination with just $5.00!

Well you see, my brother and sister got some Silly Bandz a few months ago and starting then they swore they couldn’t live without them. “They have truly changed my life. I recommend these to all of my friends!” Says 7 year old Desiree who by-the-way has 24 Silly Bandz crawling up her arm. “I have 7 Silly Bandz hidden in my secret drawer.” says 5 year old Ian who likes to give away Silly Bandz for free, so now he only has 7 total. Wait now it’s 6. He catapulted one into the meat section at the local Walmart. If anyone is looking for a pink, meat flavored caterpillar silly band, then go to Walmart on Gunn Highway asap. Look near the pot roast.

Until my dad gets around to writing another story, peace!

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