Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boy or Girl?

The wife and I are pregnant. Well, technically she is the one carrying the baby but don't get nitpicky with me. Peanut is due in December. We call it Peanut, because we don't know the sex yet, and won't for a few more weeks. Peanut was aptly named because at the time we found out that we were pregnant, the baby was the size of a peanut (we checked a website that compared the baby to different foods). Had we checked a few weeks later, Peanut could have been "Medium sized Shrimp". Not as catchy.

We plan to find out the sex. I don't think Holly can wait until December to find out. She's the same person that as a kid, would try to open her Christmas presents in November, so she knew what was coming and she could devise a spreadsheet to plan which item would get played with first. Most of that is true. So, waiting is not an option.

The family is split on boy or girl. Holly's Nana is convinced it's a boy...and she has 40 years of history on her side of correctly picking the gender of babies. The girls think it's a girl, for no reason other than they really want a girl. Ian wants a boy because it will level the girl to boy ratio in the house and he can teach Peanut to do boy stuff, like arm pit farts. Great. I think it's a girl but I don't really care either way. We don't think we can trust the "baby is high in the belly, it's a girl" theory. I checked a Chinese Lunar calendar Baby Gender Predictor and it said "girl"...I had to provide my wife's age and month of conception, and that's it...it seems pretty reliable.

The big issue after finding out will be the name. We have been writing down a few, although I tend to be the one that poops on many of the names. Holly liked Colin for a boy, which I did not...every Colin I've ever met was a (**EDITED**). Sorry if your name is Colin or you have a Colin, but I swear it's true. Fortunately, a co-worker told her that Colin may get nicknamed Colon. Colon and a slight tweak of Schmidt and you've got one unhappy kid.

I threw out this idea but the reception has been lukewarm, at best. If it's girl, we name her "Grandma". If it's a boy, "Grandpa". The kids will grow into their names and who doesn't love a Grandma or Grandpa? I'll do anything to avoid the most common baby name list. I'm certain there will not be another Grandma or Grandpa in Peanut's class, so I think we have a winner! Just to be fair, Holly can pick the middle name. I hope she doesn't pick something dumb.

Until next time, buh bye.


  1. Colon Schmidt is a classic! I vote to keep Colin!

  2. Congratulations! I'm also pregnant and due in December :) My blog has been transformed into pregnancy talk.....is a new experience for me!
    Baby names are a nightmare...my head hurts from thinking about it.
    Best of luck with the journey, I too find out what flavour of baby in a couple of weeks. Very exciting.

    Kerry x