Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Personal Reflections - by Peanut Schmidt

Hi, I'm Peanut Schmidt. Well, that's my name until I'm born in December. You're probably asking yourself, how is Peanut writing this blog while sitting in Mommy's belly? Hey, it's 2010...haven't you heard of wi-fi? Duh.

I thought it would be a good idea to keep a journal for a day, to show how things are in my world, inside & outside my bedwomb. Here is a day in the life of P-nut (my pen name spelling) Schmidt - July 31st:

1:14am - Mommy has to pee.
2:33am - Mommy has to pee. Says something about a baby sitting on her bladder.
4:06am - Mommy has to pee. Heard her yell "Peanutttt!". I think she needs my help to get that baby off of her bladder.
6:43am - Blue the dog needs to go potty. He keeps making funny noises to Daddy. Daddy is pretending to sleep really hard so Mommy will get up and take Blue out.
6:44am - Felt Mommy kick Daddy. Heard Daddy get up to take Blue outside.
6:58am - I hear my big brother Ian go in the bathroom.
6:58am and 9 seconds - I hear my big sister Desi knocking on the door telling Ian to hurry up, she has to go to the bathroom.
6:59am - Ian just told Des that he was better hand washer than her. She said that wasn't true and she was going to tell Mommy.
9:02am - Daddy let Mommy and I sleep in. Daddy made breakfast. I hope it's something different...Mommy has eaten Eggo waffles, bacon, and a hashbrown everyday for the past 2 months.
9:03am - Great. Eggo waffles, bacon, and a hashbrown. Gee, next we'll be having Verde enchiladas for dinner...again. Throw a baby an omelet or something, yo!
10:16am - Time to do my river dancing! Look at me, I'm kicking!
10:17am - Thinking about some jumping jacks. I'll put in 17 reps of 10 and then grab a nap.
6:18pm - What did I miss? Got almost 8 hours of sleep...I should be able to stay up really late tonight.
6:25pm - Mommy is eating again. Tex Mex Eggrolls? Este bebe' no quiere comida mexicana!!!!
6:30pm - Riley was talking to me. She was saying hi and asked how I was sleeping. Horizontal, of course! Daddy taught me that.
7:25pm - The family is watching America's Funniest Home Videos. Ian laughs when people get hit in the boy parts. Desi likes the animals that do tricks. I like my humor to be a bit smarter, like the joke that Daddy said earlier when I was doing my kickboxing. He said to Mommy "Looks like our fetus really knows how to use the feetus!" Now that's comedy.
9:36pm - Why does Mommy insist on sleeping at night? Doesn't she know that I had a nice 481 minute nap in today? I'll try to rest after I practice my break dancing and run in place for a while.
10:14pm - Getting kinda tired. Can't find my pillow. I'll just put my head on this major organ. Yawn. Night night zzzzzzz.
10:15pm - Mommy has to pee.

Until Daddy writes again, P-nut out!

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