Monday, September 13, 2010

42 = 32

I'm not sure what it is about birthdays but after 21, I think birthdays kinda lose their sizzle. Okay, if you reallyyyyy want to stretch, maybe after 25, when renting a car becomes much easier. I guess for a while, the free food or dessert on your birthday was pretty cool...but do I really want to put up with a standard restaurant birthday sing-along with optional goofy headwear, in exchange for piece of pie? Not moi. I like pie but not that much.

Kids, on the other hand, live for birthdays. Desi had hers in June and is already making plans for her next birthday party and potential gifts. Ian's bday is next month and I'm pretty sure he wakes up everyday thinking "Only ___ more days until my birthday extravaganza!". For a 5 year old, extravaganza is a big word so it's possible that Riley has helped work extravaganza into his lingo. The day that the phrases "Chuckie Cheese" or "Pump It Up" are no longer part of my conversations will be an awesome day. Unfortunately, with Peanut coming, I have many more years of CC and PIU conversations to come.

I expected the usual Mom and Dad phone calls on my birthday, coupled with a few other family members. My Mom likes to still sing Happy Birthday to me, although I'm sure it pains her to know that her son is now 42, 13 years older than her "29 and holding". In most cases, I try to keep my birthday low key, but Facebook ruined that...I forgot that they alert Planet Earth and so I got birthday messages from a slew of friends. I appreciated the messages and yes, it is kinda cool to get a HB message and a hello from people you haven't seen in years. I didn't appreciate (but laughed) at the old-timer comments. 42 is the new 32. Or is that waist size? Yes? Maybe? Sorta? Ouch.

Until next time, buh bye.

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