Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Song Sung Got Kinda Blue

Kids sure do love to sing. Kids sure do love to mess up the words to songs. Well, maybe not on purpose, but whether they know the words or not, they sing loud and proud. Then, there are times that kids intentionally rewrite the lyrics in a way that was never intended...I'll address that later.

I remember when Riley was little, she would ask to hear the cd filled with kid sing-a-longs. I think I heard Itsy Bitsy Spider, London Bridge is Falling Down, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star approximately 7,054 times. Her favorite was Wheels on the Bus, and for a while, she only remembered one word of the entire song. The song would roll and she would stay quiet until the part "all through the town!", where she would jump in and shout "TOWNNNNNNN". And then, all quiet until the chorus hit again and then came another "TOWNNNNNNN".

Desi has been stuck on the song "Fireflies". She has been in YMCA summer camp plays where the kids sang it. Radio Disney had it in heavy rotation for months and she would sing along non-stop when it played every 15 minutes. It's now her shower song. I could think of a bunch of other songs that are worse, so no biggie. I would have fainted if I heard my 7 year old singing "I kissed a girl and I liked it" instead of the poppy sounds of "Fireflies".

I overheard Ian singing in the bathroom a few days ago. He started with a hum only version of Jingle Bells, which soon became a louder performance of the song...only he switched up the lyrics to just use the word "fart" (a word I hate). Through the door, I heard "fart fart fart, fart fart fart, fart fart fart fart fartttt, fart fart fart, fa-fart fart fart, fart fart fart fart farttttttt" to the tune of the Christmas classic. He came downstairs a few minutes later looking innocent and resumed humming his little heart out. The worst part about it...his bathroom version of the song got firmly stuck in my head for the next couple of days. Imagine the looks I would have received if his version popped out of my mouth while grocery shopping. Thankfully, I avoided any mishaps and didn't accidentally blurt his unsavory version, while doing a price comparison on cold cuts. Whew.

Until next time, buh bye. r

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