Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Social Networking, Baby Style

A few years ao, I thought it would be funny to set our dog up with his own myspace page. I hooked Blue up with a cool Snoop Doggy Dog background, added "Who Let the Dog's Out?" into his player, posted pics of him and his cat buddy, Bailey, and added likes, such as "licking stuff, barking at the UPS truck, running while I sleep, and eating food the kids drop".

So, jump ahead to 2011 and the new genius idea (supplied by the wife). What if the baby had a facebook page? I would never actually set up a page for any of the kids, but the idea of Parker having his own twitter or facebook account made me laugh. Imagine the status updates, personal info, and wall posts...

Relationship Status - Single

Activities and Interests - Napping, Being gassy, Looking at the dog and cat, Exersaucering, Wearing Onesies, Drooling, Squealing, Grabbing Daddy's facial hair, Sticking fingers in my Mouth, Sitting in a Bumbo, and Touching my toes.

Languages, Education, and Work History - None

Arts and Entertainment - TV: Yo Gabba Gabba Music: Whatever plays on my swing. Games: Peek-A-Boo Books: Those are those square things, right?

Sample Status Updates:

"In serious need of a change"
"Where did I put my foot?"
"Thinking about crying. Okay, now I'm crying. Oh look, the cat! Now smiling"
"Checking in from the exersaucer"
"Parker likes DJ Lance"
"Getting very slee...zzzzzzzzzzz"
"What is that smell? Hope it's not me"
"1 finger in mouth, good. 4 is better"
"Drool is cool"
"Does this diaper make my tush look big?"

In the future, babies will probably be tweeting in the womb, but I'm not quite ready for Parker to enter the social networking world yet. Although, I must say that maintaining his page for him could be pretty fun for Dad. Or embarrassing for him.

Until next time, buh bye.

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