Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby says what?

Lately, Parker has been talking quite a bit. He started with some Mamamama action and more recently, added Dadadadada to his vocab. Boy, does he babble. At times, he'll give you a full 5-10 minutes of lafafamama gagagagagaggala ladadadtataerkwkdkd. Bug sincerely believes he is carrying on a conversation, but frankly, he makes about as much sense as a football bat.

When he is mad (usually because his bottle doesn't warm fast enough or he needs to snooze), he begins his angry gibberish and sounds like he is cussing at baby or Japanese. I don't speak either one, so your guess is as good as mine.

I know Parker is super excited about something when he does some talking talking talking, mixed with a few raspberries. If he is talking talking talking and stops to make his pterodactyl noise, he can't reach one of his toys. If he is talking talking talking and adds in some whine/cry action (he can throw down a super fake cry), he wants to be picked up. So I may not understand what he is saying, but I understand the need or feeling associated with it.

In the future when Ian isn't busy building robots, I plan to ask him to construct a baby talk to english translator unit. I am going to take baby videos of Parker and run them through Ian's contraption. I certainly hope the Parker speak is interesting. I'd hate to wait years only to find out that I have 7 hours of Parker singing that Selena Gomez song that Desi has stuck on repeat in her cd player.

Until next time, buh bye.

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