Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stupid Stuff I'll Miss

Face it, kids grow up. And it stinks. There are so many things that they do when they are little that are awesome...and forgettable over time. So many things you don't want to forget but chances are, you will forget some stuff. Sometimes when you do remember those little nuggets, it's hard to completely recall everything about the moment. And that again, stinks.

I have great memories of when Riley was younger but there are tons that I have forgotten over the years. I am lucky to have some video to remind me of those times that may have slipped my mind. The story about the midget walking down the street, when Holly took her to the bathroom the first time(sorry Riley, it's a funny story), the gift of creamed corn at Christmas, and the recording we did in the picture frame when she was much younger are some of my favorites, but I am bummed that I don't have every minute stored away in my noggin. There are always new stories to replace the old ones and like a dvr, I guess you can only have so much memory capacity until you delete a few to make room.

I hope I never forget the way that Parker grabs my face and kisses (more like eats my nose) and the sheer joy he has after he has slobbered me up. He'll stop doing it soon and I'll miss those drooly kisses immensely. I'll also miss doing my Bonanza theme song hum and dance to get him to sleep (a classic in 1999 with Riley and returned to the charts in 2010 with Parker) and the ever so catchy "Someone's got a pee pee in his diaper" ditty that I sing to him when I change him (note, poo poo can be substituted for pee pee depending on his diaper status).

I hope I never forget the funny voices that Ian does and the hilarious comments he makes from time to time. I giggled like a little girl when he did something funny and told me that "he was hilarious". He is, and obviously, very humble too. He is a smartie. As a joke, I told him that when I am older, I will need him to be the one to change my diaper. He said no, but when he is a robotic engineer, he will build a robot to change my diaper...sweet kid.

I hope that I don't forget Desi's obsession with Full House and Uncle Jessie. Yes, it's a bit fanatical but face it, there are worse things in life than her referring to the things that "John" (as in Stamos) did or said on the show. Maybe she won't remember asking me if we could get an Uncle Jesse poster for her room (for a show that hasn't been on in 15 years), but I hope I don't let that one slip away.

This blog has always been written to entertain my family and friends, but in many cases, it is an opportunity to not let slices of life to be tossed away. It is a way for me to make a few of those forgettable things unforgettable, like when the kids added up all of their coins and told me they had 22 "moneys" to spend.

I wish I could document everything but that would be psycho...and impossible. So, if one day if Riley, Des, Ian, and Parker read this blog, maybe they will enjoy revisiting this silly stuff as much I enjoyed the silly stuff when it happened.

Until next time, buh bye.

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  1. You made me smile! Thank you for reminding me of the wonderful memories of my own children. And I am not going to tell you who this is. lol Yes, I crack myself up. XOXO