Monday, April 30, 2012

Where Have You Been for 9 Months, Dude?

My how time flies. I have said to myself a number of times "write, dummy, write". Unfortunately, dummy did not and because of that, dummy has probably forgotten a number of awesome kid moments as time has passed. I'm not sure how I can recap everything, but let's start with now and work backwards, shall we?

Riley is 13. She is still pretty, smart, and hilarious...and can rock an IPOD like nobody's business. She LOVES the Hunger Games and if a Kindle had real pages, they would be worn out. She is doing great at ice day, maybe she can teach me to not fall on my rear. She has officially passed Holly in height and it's probably time to move the picture in the garage where I measure the kids.

Riley and Des are now roomies after the re-do of the bedrooms. The girls have a cool setup in their wo-man cave. Desi is 8 3/4 going on 20. Whether you want to hear them or not, she often has an opinion on...well...everything. Her teacher, Mrs. Hudson, has really fallen for the kid. Desi is trying like crazy to grow so she can sit in the front seat of my car. Goals are a good thing to have.

Ian Bob (as I like to call him when he is being a knucklehead) is incredibly bright and funny. We need to get him checked again at the doctor because he seems to have a case of ants in the pants. The kid has the energy of 10 people. He had another amazing run at soccer and is the only child that can run for 2 hours prior to a game, run up and down the field for the entire 40 minutes (and likely score a few goals), and be ready for a marathon.

Bug is 16 months. He is lightning fast..his little legs can move. While it was not is first word, "yellow" is his favorite. If it's a yellow object, he'll let you know that it's yellow. He's learning sign language at school. It confuses me and when he signs something, I'm not sure if he is telling me to steal 3rd base or if he wants more juice. He is quite a dancer and has different moves for each song on his toys. Sure he may look like Elaine from Seinfeld on a couple of his dances, but he feels it.

One of the girls highlights last year was a surprise to see Taylor Swift. They were on-site at the Forum and still had no idea what they were doing that night. Holly had told them that they were going on a surprise girls night out and they tried to guess where it would be. Until show time, Dinosaur World was getting the most guesses. The program director of the country station hooked the girls up with meet n greet passes and they met Taylor. After the show, I asked about the night and Riley's comment made me laugh. "Man, she is tall!". Sure, the show was great and the girls sang their hearts out, but now I know that Taylor is a giant...and we have a picture to prove it.

Christmas in 2011 was insane, as usual. Santa came through again. It's amazing that he knows what to have his elves make every year. 436 presents later, Christmas was a success. The entire family scored with Busch Gardens passes from Mimi, Ian rocked with his new Leap Pad game from Gma Janet, Desi hit with the Razor from Gma Trula, Riley was shocked to finally get the previously mentioned mack daddy IPOD from Santa, and Bug liked the wrapping paper.

Tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary our adoption. I looked back at pictures of Ian and Desi and can not believe how much they have grown, both physically and emotionally. Riley is a fantastic big sister and they still follow her around like a puppy dog. It's tough to remember what it was like before. It was probably more quiet. A LOT more quiet. I probably didn't spend as much time doing laundry. And, I don't believe I ever said "If you can't say something nice to each other, don't say anything at all". On the upside, I have more team members for Operation Pick Up Dog Poop and I'm getting really good at 1st grade math. On top of that, Ian said that when I get older, he won't change my diapers but he will invent a robot that will change my diapers. Score another one for Dad!

Not sure when next time will be, but until next time, buh bye!

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