Monday, October 19, 2009

The letter Z

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter Z.

My middle kid has a new weird game she is playing with her name. It now has a Z in it. Desziree or Deszi for szhort. Her teacher must think szhe's nutsz or szuper creative. Hopefully it endsz szoon. It'sz on a few of the classz projectsz that are poszted outszide the classzroom. The other parentsz muszt
think that Desi...sorry, Deszi....wasz sztuck with a sztrange name. Who putsz a random letter in their name like that? We're not like the parentsz that named their kidsz Tree, Orangejello, or Asztronaut. Parentsz of the Aiden, Jaeden, and Payden typesz must think we can't szpell or we're oddball hippee parentsz.

I'm hopeful that the Z thing will run it's coursze. Otherwisze, I'll be buszy re-doing the name on her lunchbox, foldersz, toysz, clothesz, etc.

Until next time, buh bye. Szchmidt, out.

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