Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Theme to Bonanza

I've created a monster (I'm not just saying that because it's almost Halloween)'s just a fact. This monster doesn't have gnarly teeth or scare people. This monster doesn't crush cars ala Godzilla on the streets of Japan. It's worse. MUCH worse.

My little one, Ian, is "The Monster that has the Theme to Bonanza stuck in his head and can't stop singing it!!!!" He's lurking in my house right now, armed with a catchy show open.

Stupid me. I told Ian the story about how I would get his sister, Riley, to go to sleep when she was a tiny baby. I have no idea how it started but I would put her to sleep by humming the theme to Bonanza. Dum dededum dededum dededum bonanzaaaa.......I'd do it again and again until she zonked out. Hey, it worked so I kept doing it!

Ian thought I was making up a story, so I found the theme on youtube. How was I to know that one play of a 50 year old theme song would be so memorable? Dum dededum dededum dededum bonanzaaaa. And so it began. I caught him humming it to his Pandy. Awww, cute. Then to the dog. Awww, cute. Then in the bathtub to Diego. Okie dokie. In the car, on the potty, while playing, at dinner, in the store, brushing his teeth, & during playtime at school (I can only imagine he's taught 30 other kids at VPK and they are torturing their family and pets with dum dededum dededum dededum bonanzaaaa). Over and over and over and over and over. If his brain had a to do list, it would look something like this: 1) wake up 2) hum theme to bonanza 3) play with matchbox cars for 24 seconds 4) hum theme to bonanza 5) hum theme to bonanza 6) put underwear on head for unknown reason 7) eat. between bites, hum theme to bonanza 8) say something mean to sister, like "you don't even know the theme to bonanza 9) taunt sister with humming of theme to bonanza. You get the picture.

Life is sad when you'd jump for joy if the kid would bust out "Who Let the Dogs Out", "Achy Breaky Heart", Barney's "I love you. You love me.", "The Chicken Dance", or "The Meow Mix cat jingle". It would be refreshing. But no, I have dum dededum dededum dededum bonanzaaaa in mega rotation. Little Joe, Hoss and Hop Sing would be sick of their own theme song if they lived in my house.

Until next time (if I make it to next time), buh dum dededum dededum dededum bonanzaaa ugh bye

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